Salmon is also called SA Meng fish or salmon, salmon scientific name, mainly distributed in the North Pacific and Europe, Asia, North America area. Salmon body cebian, humped, sharp teeth, small scale, silver gray, spawning period with orange stripes. Salmon meat close delicious, rich oils, meat color is pink and elastic.

Canada features seafood, and energy transfer.

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World of Warcraft emperor salmon advantage:
Food safety: food bacteria is salmon predators, the bacteria will make the fish amino acids into histamine, make human histamine poisoning. And through the ULT technology processing, in the low temperature of -60 Deg. C, all bacterial survival chance to close to zero, can maximize the winner against bacteria;
Preservation power: through the Canadian world of Warcraft emperor salmon ultra-low temperature technology makes fish cell instantly enter a state of dormancy, and through the physical temperature (0 DEG to 4 DEG C), grading thawing technology processing, so that the fish within the cells was completely released in processing chips on the table to eat within 10 minutes, the taste is maintained the original of the pine, it retained a unique fresh salmon fish smell;
High nutrient component: through the Canadian world of Warcraft emperor salmon ultra low temperature technique to fish cells instantly enter a state of dormancy, the nutrients locked in the fish body instantly, to thaw before consumption by physical technology, after thawing nutrients begin to release, so as to ensure the most nutrients low degree of erosion.